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Joanne Docherty

Leading Consultant

Joanne is a Mental Health Consultant and Trainer. She delivers accredited Mental Health training and qualifications to organisations throughout the UK and internationally. Joanne works with senior leaders to help them build positive mental health cultures within their organisations as well as with staff teams to ensure that they have the tools to look after their own wellbeing. 

Joanne also teaches Psychology at the University of Glasgow, she sits on the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Mental Health and is the figurehead for Psychologists for Social Change Scotland. Joanne believes in the power of community and is heavily involved in local community work. She currently leads two non-profit organisations in Scotland dedicated to improving outcomes for children and families. 

Joanne started her career as a nurture teacher and is an experienced school leader. She is a qualified Scottish Qualifications Authority assessor with a speciality in delivering leadership qualifications and helping leaders thrive in their roles. Joanne is an inherently warm, caring person and developing and nurturing others is what she does best. 

Joanne Docherty
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