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John Bryant

Leading Consultant

John is an experienced teacher and Headteacher who has worked across a number of schools in his career which has led him to have huge drive, great experience and an enormous passion for education. He is passionate about the importance of building  the right culture to ensure that there is an environment where everyone is happy and can thrive because happy children learn and happy staff perform.  

 John now works across a Trust of 10 schools in the South East of England as well as supporting leaders on the NPQ programmes including the NPQH. In addition, he has a proven track record of supporting schools across the country to establish a vision and culture to ensure that children and staff can be the best that they can be. 

John is also a strong advocate for ensuring that the wellbeing of staff and children is prioritised. His work has proved that a well established positive ethos and culture in which all children and staff are valued is vital in creating the right climate for children to feel safe and secure and ultimately successful in everything they do. 

This, coupled with consistency, is a driving force for success in John’s eyes and he shas a proven track record in successfully working with schools and organisations to achieve this. 

John’s work has been recognised nationally and has twice been a Silver Award Winner in the Pearson National Teaching awards, once as Headteacher of the Year and the second for Primary School of the Year.

John Bryant
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