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3 Essential Skills For Successful Small Business Owners

Put a hundred small business owners in a room and you’re likely to hear a hundred different stories of how they became successful. You’ll find people as different as night and day. People from all walks of life and with varying strengths and skills. But look closer and you’ll begin to see commonalities. While their stories will differ, there are also common talents among those who are successful. Take a look and see if you recognize yourself.

1. They can share about their business and value in a way that intrigues.

What do you do? Tell me about your business.

Are you able to share in a concise statement specifically how your business helps people? Can you share in a non-promotional way how you differ from the competition?

Why this is important: When you understand what differentiates you from the competition and the benefits your customers gain from working with you, it will be easier to prospect for new clients and recognize opportunities. Your business purpose becomes the foundation for all of your business marketing and networking.

Take a look at a document storage company, which is a service that might be used by businesses like law firms, investment firms, or medical offices, that are required by law to protect the privacy of information.

Instead of saying – I own a document storage company…

A better statement would be – We protect companies from records management failures. This sparks interest which can then lead to… Failures costs companies millions each year, but our team stays up-to-date on the latest legislation and technology to make sure that your company is completely secure and compliant.

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