JAKAPA offers self, peer and customisable assessments that yield powerful insights on foundational skills critical for success in work or life. Leading In The Now is the only company to utilise and have exclusivity with this software in the UK and Ireland.  Find out more and get in touch

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JAKAPA can help you improve productivity, retention and employee engagement
Showcase your company’s growth mindset, diversify your employee development and wellness programming, and improve retention, customer satisfaction and efficiency with JAKAPA’s assessments and tools.
JAKAPA in 3 easy steps
Frequent Feedback
We measure 32 skills using valid, reliable and research-backed self and peer-assessment technologies so you get accurate, useful data. Our assessments are fully customizable to fit your needs, so you pick and choose which skills you measure, and when and how frequently you measure them.
JAKAPA’s Skill Builder App
Think of us as a Fitbit for Soft Skills: Pick a challenge. Apply what you learn in your daily life. Report your progress and impact. Use your data to showcase improvement efforts and growth.
Soft Skill Dashboard for Data Clarity
Individuals can see their own data and highlight strengths as they compete for promotion. Managers can view their department and individual employees’ strengths, weaknesses and engagement. Freely group employee profiles to reveal insights and trends among various groups.

Measure, train and track your organisations soft skills

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