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Our focus

From our collective experience, we know that when schools and colleges flourish, there is an overwhelming sense of teamwork and collaboration. We've spent many years working within educational organisations that want to make a change, enabling their pupils, staff and wider community to move forward, and start leading in the now.

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School Culture

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JAKAPA offers self, peer and customisable assessments that yield powerful insights on foundational skills critical for success in work or life. Leading In The Now is the only company to utilise and have exclusivity with this software in the UK and Ireland.  Find out more here


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Our process

We take schools and colleges on a journey of reflection and self-discovery and our five-step approach to organisational change offers a clear, concise and humanistic approach allowing you to focus on five clear areas of development. Ensuring success at every step.

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Jo Sharples, Primary School Leader

Would highly recommend a visit from Leading In The Now. A great way to learn more about the culture of your school - aspects that are really positive and areas for consideration. Everyone had a voice, everyone was heard, and everyone was valued. Change happens when leaders listen. 


Nigel Fossey, Head of School

Provided a professional service from start to finish. He is engaging, knowledgeable and deeply empathetic. In meetings with staff and students, Dan was able to inspire and provoke deep reflection. As an outcome of the visit, we feel that we have a deeper understanding of our school culture and are able to fine-tune our development targets moving forward. 


Laura Burton, Snr Education Lead SSAT

Dan is a confident and engaging speaker, using practical and relatable examples to illustrate key learning points. Delegates commented that they found his input helpful in supporting their ongoing reflection of their policy and practise in their own settings.

Our clients

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