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“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

Our focus

From our collective experience, we know that when an organisation flourishes, there is an overwhelming sense of teamwork and collaboration. We've spent many years fixing the problems of toxic cultures and want to make a change, enabling organisations to move forward, and start leading in the now.

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"Culture eats strategy for breakfast"

The UK home of...

JAKAPA offers self, peer and customisable assessments that yield powerful insights on foundational skills critical for success in work or life. Leading In The Now is the only company to utilise and have exclusivity with this software in the UK and Ireland.  Find out more here

"We can change culture if we change behaviour"

Our process

We take organisations on a journey of reflection and self-discovery and our five-step approach to organisational change offers a clear, concise and humanistic approach allowing you to focus on five clear areas of development. Ensuring success at every step.

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